Top 5 Babes from Australia Scenes

Australia is more than just a country full of kangaroos, koalas, and boomerangs. It’s a hotbed of incredibly beautiful women, and it’s the birthplace and/or hometown of such sexy celebrities like Emily Browning, Portia de Rossi, Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson, and Margot Robbie. Let’s celebrate the best of the dames from Down Under.

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Best Of: Jessica Biel

After 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel was looking to cast off her good girl image in the best way possible- with a series of sexy roles! But after non-nude teases in The Rules of Attraction, London, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, we were starting to get worried. Fortunately, it only took one nude role to make her a Mr. Skin Nudity Hall-of-Famer- her wax-dripping, gloriously topless striptease in Powder Blue (2009). When Jessica’s jugs come out for a candle wax-covered bump and grind, Mrs. Timberlake will charm your trouser snake! Check out Best of Jessica Biel at Mr. Skin for only 4$ / month!