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Before Halloween See Jamie Lee Curtis’ Tricks & Treats!

New in theaters, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the franchise that launched her career in Halloween, and we return to the nudity that launched her skin career in Trading Places. Nude on Blu-ray, it’s the Starz network’s complete action-packed and nudity-packed pirate series, Black Sails. Over on HBO, Juliette Lewis spiced up the series debut of Camping with full frontal! Check it all at Mr.Skin!

Top 5: Diamonds in the Buff

Everyone knows that dirty girls are better at everything. If she grew up in a single-wide or on the other side of the tracks, you’ve hit a goldmine. Even on the big screen, some actresses can tap into their own trashy persona a little too well. Riley Keough, Emmy Rossum, Jaime Pressly, Juliette Lewis and Brittany Murphy made our list by being so good at being bad we forgot they were acting.

Check them all and much more on Mr.Skin!!