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Kira NOir

Why men need sex and women need love

Men want incredible sex

Men are different than women, they want and need more sex than women. You will often see men looking for professional escorts to satisfy they sexual desires. On the other hand, you won’t see very often a woman seeking man Rome to have sex. Women can live without
satisfying their fantasies or without having sex to often. Yet, men are not like that. They need sex. They love sex. They would never refuse to have sex with a woman if she wants it.

For men, facts are more important than words

Your partner cannot read your thoughts, so he can not predict what you want from him unless you give him some clues. Do not expect him to understand you without exposing your desires. Usually, men emphasize the facts than talk, which means you might encounter small
difficulties in this chapter.

Men want to be respected

A man wants to be respected in both public and private. Usually, hard sex represses first place respect and not love. In essence, respect is not easily obtained, but it is won.

Men can be insecure about them

Yes, men are in certain moments insecure, even if they do not show this. That is why they need support and encouragement because most of them strive not to show their vulnerabilities, but they exist.

They need space

As women need space from time to time, men want the same thing sometimes. The better you know your partner, the easier it will be to realize when you need to leave him some space and not suffocate him with your problems and needs.

Sex means more than sex

If you show your partner that you want him from a sexual point of view, not just that you transmit that you are attracted to him, but you help him grow his self-confidence. When men are rejected both physically and emotionally, they become vulnerable and insecure on them.
Happiness is an emotion that comes from the inside, a state of soul contentment, an uplifting feeling. That’s all we know and we are always looking outside which is wrong. We’re looking for people next to us. We often believe that our partners are people directly responsible for
our state of happiness. This is completely wrong.

We always hear the replica: “I need affection” And we hear it from women most often. Why do they need more affection than men? Why do women need love and affection and men need sex?

It is clear that the woman is different from the man. It has other needs and among all, the need for affection is the most important one. Not love, not sex. Simple: affection. Give a woman a delicate hug in which to feel all your energy and she will smile all day. See, it was so easy!

Generally, men use the replica: “You are hard to please” or, pardon, “You are never happy!”
Seriously? All men have the impression that the woman wants primarily material and financial comfort and, if you assure them, you are free to do what you want. Nothing sadder, nothing more untrue. A woman in this situation will become sad, slowly, but surely, and will forget to live. She will become a shadow.

Few are those men who understand the woman and know to give her first affection and trust. A beloved woman rises in a smooth flight, it is strong and confident, she knows she can move the mountains from the place with the force of love. A beloved woman is like a fresh,
chanted, and fragrant flower. Email happiness through all pores, and what a wonderful perfume! You see it and you can not take your eyes from it.

You look at her and every time you find something new. Few are those men who care about women’s needs. They know that it works on the basis of emotions and always expect confirmation of her feelings. If a woman’s emotional needs are met, then she will also offer the best sex ever. She will give herself to her man and this will make their connection even stronger and more profound.

Someone said a woman is gently conquered, but she keeps hard. Nothing true. We see such sad women in the couple’s life, so deleted, almost invisible. They do not even recognize, they do not know what they want, because they did not receive the warmth of a soul in time and joined the cold walls of silence, indifference, and lack of affection. They forgot to smile and enjoy, they forgot to be beautiful and dance in the rain forgot to fly and rise in the air.

Read and wake up, man!

Look at the woman next to you and pay attention to her needs. Make time for her! Take her in your arms when she deserves less and show her that she is important to you. Her smile would rise again after black and heavy clouds. Do not leave her to the imagination. Do not let her
wait. Do not leave her alone. From this game, you will lose and not her! You can do so many for the woman, you are all magic.

Making your woman happy means that you will have a satisfying sex life and a fulfilling relationship. A happy woman will offer you a lot more than you ask. A happy woman will make you feel incredible and she will always be there for you when you need her. So, the best thing you can do is to create an emotional connection with your woman and she will offer
you back great sex, a lot more sex than before. This is the secret that lots of men do not know, which is super easy to put into practice.