14 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – Braless Candids in New York”

        1. sorry to disappoint you, but there aren’t (for your information, I’m a big fan of her since “Naturally”)

          1. Believing in rumours … that’s not make a sense.
            What matter is they are getting us Hard.
            Admire them.

          2. youre an idiot. there is a new set where you can clearly see they are pushed up here and what they look like foreal…. real 1000%.
            i swear I see you guys that dont know a womens body judging them the mosttttt

          3. No need to listen to rumors, just open the eyes.. A woman’s body is like your dick, it doesn’t change in one night.

          4. Dude look the set released today of her coming out of NBC studios.. they arent pushed up and shes braless and you can see for yourself. they are natural. women often wear tight shirts they pull them up and they will stay pushed up like this^^^. kinda like a pushup bra without the bra part..

        2. I’m no hater. I love her. In fact i think i might be a bigger fan of her than you. But truth is the truth. I won’t force you to accept it though. Whatever makes you happy I guess. Won’t change the reality.

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