20 thoughts on “Bella Thorne – Candids in New York”

  1. Damn I didn’t plan on jerking off today. But with Bella in that top, I’m changing my mind and jerking hard to these pics.

    1. Same here bro.
      She loves to wear tight skinny outfit.
      Dress to kill the dick would be more apt.
      Gonna stoke it too damn hard.

    1. *irresistible. Excuse the grammar, blood is running in the opposite direction of my brain at the moment.

  2. Women walking around shamelessly showing half their breasts. Such filth. SMH.
    Why are you people so immoral? Why don’t you feel shame? In Islam we never allow such immoral behaviour. Stop your decadent ways.

      1. Instead of telling me if you agree or disagree, and if disagree then why, you resort to childish name calling. Is that right?

        1. Your agenda has no business on a site like this. No, I do not respect your opinion. Who are you to decide who does what with their bodies? If you take offense from skin, that’s your problem. Sexuality is a natural part of us and repressing it only has negative consequences. I can never respect an opinion that condones oppression of people and repression of our nature.

          1. That is your opinion and I understand it. But I must inform you something about my religion as I believe it will help clear up my purpose here.

            In Islam, it is the duty of every Muslim to remove sin from the world. It is a sin for women to show their bodies. And it is also a sin to look at female bodies with lust.

            So if women showing their bodies is a sin, and it is a Muslim’s duty to remove sin from this world, don’t you think it is my duty to prevent you people from committing this sin?

            This is why I am here. I want to help you and others realize their mistake and prevent you from sinning. There are millions of Muslims living in the west, and as you must be aware, millions more have arrived because of the recent refugee crisis. We are here to stay, in the west. And under our Islamic rule, such things are forbidden and must be done away with.

            I hope that you understand what I meant to say. It is nothing personal friend. Thank you.

          2. Islam is a mental illness. Islam needs to be eradicated from this planet if we want peace in the world. It is a source of destruction. Get help.

    1. This not your middle east brah.
      Things are quite different in west.
      But If someone has no problem showing of their assets .. then who the hell we are to put an objection over it.
      We are just admiring them.
      But I respect your perspective.

      1. Thank you. I respect your opinion also. But let’s be honest, women should be covered I believe.

      1. I only came here mistakenly, but I consider it my duty to remove sin from the world. This is immoral. Women should be always covered.

  3. Damn I’ve been jerking it to Bella for a while now but this is a new high even for her. Just oozing with sex appeal. Her presence in itself is…Sex.

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