31 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Candy Magazine Naked Photoshoot by Terry Richardson”

  1. A sincere request to the trolls on the horizon –

    Kindly refrain from trolling, abusing and hating incessantly on her. She did not force you to open this page and she did not force you to look at her.


    So just let it go. Let her be. Live and let live. Fair enough?

    There is nothing to be gained from abusing someone for no reason apart from satisfying one’s sadistic urges.

    If nudity bothers one so much, I recommend that person move to a muslim country and embrace islam. They hate miley as well.

    PS – I hate her tranny look as well. But since I am not being forced against my will to look at her….I don’t ridicule her. I simply don’t open what I do not like. Simple.

    1. Who are you to tell what others to do? Don’t worry about it. Not your place to decide anything, You have your opinion. They have theirs. If you don’t like what they say, Dont read the comments. How does that grab your fancy?

      1. Who are you to abuse someone who has not abused you?

        You have the nerve to demand the right to abuse others.

        You do understand that the place your kind of people belong to is prison, don’t you?

        I am not “telling” others what to do. I am simply stating that if someone does not like something, and is not being forced against his will, then he has no reason to lash out against the other person.

        “If you don’t like what they say, Dont read the comments.”

        You proved my point, dumbo. If you do not like what miley or anyone else does, do not watch it. You don’t get the right to abuse them.

        Mind your own business. Miley or any other person has the right to do what they want, and you have the right to look away.

        You are not being forced to visit the website, then forced to open this particular post, and forced to look at miley, and forced to be repulsed, and forced to move your mouse and forced to type abusive comment and click enter.

        You are doing so on your own.

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Abusing the other person, for something that you intentionally made yourself watch, is not ethical.

        And my comment started with the words – “A sincere request”. So learn the difference between requesting and telling.

        1. You are exactly telling people what they should do. Your just too self righteous to figure that out. Shes a shameless self promoting talentless skank. Her dad sucks too. You worship people like this? What a fool!

          1. No retard. As I wrote in my comment, request. If request means telling in your tiny brain, go see a psychiatrist.

            I worship her? LOL. I called her tranny, moron. Read my comment again.

            “Her dad sucks too” I get it, you’re a child. Go play with your toys boy.

          2. If you cant grow up at least do us a favor and take a flying leap in front of a train okay?

    2. You serve others in the church,what I want to know is which church because I want you to show me the real path to salvation. your theories have made me your fan

        1. Sure you are but your reaction was uncalled out for as you took it to whole another dimension by mixing topics which are sensitive. worst part,you gave to much of importance to this piece of shit .does she even deserve your valuable timme

  2. It’s like looking at the neighbors dog out the window, sure it’s naked but it’s a dog. Just doesn’t do anything for me. I guess some people might like it, but you know some people like to fuck dogs.

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