11 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – InStyle UK Magazine Photoshoot (January 2016)”

  1. I wanna kiss and worship her cute little feet. Then I wanna fuck my hard cock between those big tits. Selena making me cum yet again.

  2. I wasn’t sure at first, but based on her recent pictures, i think that she got implants. I’m not complaining though.

  3. Lookee! Lookee! Our little Selena is all growed up. Sniffle, sniffle. . What Selena and Bella have unleashed on mankind (men) is beyond comprehension. I propose a global summit (Paris perhaps?) to discuss the long term implications of such feminine beauty on an unsuspecting male population. The potential for lost manhours at the office (from using the work computer to stare at their pictures), the broken relationships that will inevitably follow when the wife or girlfriend (or both) find said pictures on your personal computer, and the increased strain on the medical system that will occur when friendly discussions about who is hotter, Selena or Bella, turn into barroom brawls! Men, this is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Once it takes hold in the USA, it will spread like wildfire across the globe. My underground bunker is fully stocked and ready for the apocalypse. Heaven help us! LOL

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