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How to Be Sexy Online: A Camgirls Guide

Best Cam Sites

There’s huge money to be made as a camgirl. During the pandemic camming became one of the most lucrative online careers. But like everything, to make good money, you need to be good at what you do. In this article I am going to share with you my top tricks of the trade. Let’s be clear. You don’t have to have the body of a catwalk model to be a successful camgirl. I can tell you that now.

What Camgirls Do

First of all, you should choose the best adult webcams that will pay you the most and they have a huge traffic coming through. In this guide you can find the list of best adult cams.

As a camgirl you will be expected to provide erotic services including live shows, videos, and the selling of photos. But let’s be clear here. You should only ever do what you are comfortable with. You don’t even have to get fully naked to make big bucks online. Some of the top camgirls
only ever get as far as stripping down to their sexy lingerie.

Be Proud of your body
Not everyone has a model’s body. And to be clear, it is absolutely not essential for camming. Some guys love bigger girls. Other like waif-like girls with small breasts. So, whatever body type you have, be confident that it’s the right type for camming.

All the best camgirls have a collection of toys and dildos, and your visitors will love to see you play with them. Oil, handcuffs, and vibrators are all part of my collection I use on both live and private shows. Ensure you are comfortable with new experiences and being asked for private shows. If not, as sexy as you may look, you will struggle with the job.

Show your face
You may be paranoid that someone will recognize you on camera. But let’s be fair. Are they actually going to admit to be viewing such sites to their partner? I very much doubt it! If you really are not keen on being recognized, you can block your home country from views on the best cam sites. Or alternatively you could wear a wig and quite heavy makeup. But let’s be clear, men are visual creatures, and they want to be able to look into your eyes whilst pleasuring themselves.

Learn your languages
If you want to chat sexily with your viewers, you need to learn your languages. English is by far the most-used language for camming. Or perhaps limit your audience to countries where people speak your mother tongue.

Practice your routines
This is a personal tip from me! I have a large mirror in my bedroom and I am constantly practicing my routines and coming up with new ones. Unless you are comfortable and confident with your show, it will be obvious to your viewers. Your best routines should be kept for your private shows. And you know how it works. The longer you are on a private chat, the more money you make.

Give him what he wants
As we said earlier, if you are not comfortable with experimenting and taboo, then this isn’t the job for you. When you give him what he wants, he will keep coming back for more. But make sure to get him aroused slowly and gradually; the longer the show, the more explosive the finale, and the more money for you.

Make your profile sexy with videos and photos
The first thing you need if you want to attract viewers is to have a sexy profile. Make sure your videos and photos are of good quality, and avoid cheap backdrops and backgrounds.

Sexy Outfits
Make sure you always look sexy for the camera and have plenty of different outfits. No one wants to tune in to find you wearing sweatpants or the same outfit as every other day. Once you start making money, invest it in your camming future by buying lots of sexy attire, toys, and more.

Regular time for broadcasts
If you want to gain more and more followers and fans, make sure they know what time you will be online. It’s not so much as a case of the more time you are online the more money you make. It’s more a case of letting your loyal fans know when they can find you.

Be firm but polite
Only you can decide how far you want to go with a show. If your viewer asks you to do something you are not comfortable with, decline politely. No one should ever push you out of your comfort zone

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